Screech Maker App Reviews

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Doesnt work

Doesnt have the effect on young people its supposed to nor does it work on dogs. iPhones can not reproduce those frequencies. A proper high frequency amplified speakers are required

Strange And Cool

Try It!


Hmmm...well, there went a buck :P


I love this app, I only have a few suggestions, 1) it would be really cool to have remote mode, 2) take the shine from the top of the icon (I know it sounds dumb but in my opinion would make it look cooler.) this app is worth it if you have little sibblings, or people who can hear it, my parents cant hear it so my parents dont know why my sister keeps yelling at me to turn it off, so she gets in trouble for yelling. Its awesome! Get it! And a suggestion for a new app would be this exact app, but for low frequencies from 1Hz-100Hz. That would be awesome.

Doesnt work with iPhone OS 3.1

Doesnt work with iPhone OS 3.1

Very fun

To play with, if only the pitch went higher

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